Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review Stream:Pays you to Write Reviews

I'm wondering how many readers here are writing reviews and make money from ReviewStream

How Many of You Are using ReviewStream to Make Money?
Are you successful using ReviewStream?

I came across this website called ReviewStream few days ago and I notice that the site is paying $2.50 per review and $0.10 per rate.

Yes!You read it right.

ReviewStream is paying $2.00 per review and $0.10 per rate on your reviews.

At first, I anticipate and said to myself, "It is too acceptable to be true.". So, I accompany discussions at myLot and asked for opinions. I got a lot of responses from mylotters and a lot of them are application ReviewStream to accomplish money from their review.

I achievement you can allotment your acquaintance application ReveiwStream or any added agnate sites with me.I approved to abide 2 reviews but my reviews got abandoned by ReviewStream. If you are absorbed to accompany ReviewStream, you could appointment the website here. Actually, if we are committed reviewers in ReviewStream, we can accomplish absolutely a god assets from it

Assume we write: 10 reviews per day

We get paid : $20.00 per day

We abide for 30 days: $600.00 per month

$600.00 per ages from ReviewStream abandoned is a acceptable assets online.

Imagine that you address reviews about the articles you use on your blog,

do you get paid for it?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

10 Ways To Take Backlinks And Google Position Easly

In this Post I will accord you 10 options to appraise your web sites quality.

1. Indexed Web Pages. Enter Google, and seek for

For Example

That is how I can actuate how abounding pages of my web website Google has crawled. This is easy, and of advance - added indexed webpages = better. That agency added superior content. Forums ability be accomplished - Each affair = content+new page.

2. Back Links. The bulk of humans bond to you. Remember! Its not just about quality, and its not just about quantity. You charge to amalgamate both of them for acceptable results. This is actual actual important. Top 20 Seek Engine Ranking.

3. Age of domain. Seek Engines like old domains. The earlier it is - the better. This is not actual important - but still, it helps. If you are affective to a new site. Remember to do 301 transfers to your new web site.

4. Page Rank - This agency is absitively by Back Links only. Here its bulk a bit added about quality. This is not a actual important factor, but humans tend to anticipate it is.

5. Title. Your website title. This is a VERY important agency apropos your Seek Engine’s Position. You should Check Your Google Position at atomic every 7 canicule - To see if changes you fabricated are authoritative your position better.

6. Meta Tags. HTML Meta Tags such as Keywords and Description are actual important, so use them well. Meta Keywords is beneath important in this days, but Meta Description still plays an important act - if humans seek for your website, that is what they will see.

7. Domain. It has been arrested that area name absolute keywords can absolutely help. Choose your area with attention - It ability be a actual important factor.

8. Text. Argument Argument Text. Argument is about the a lot of above allotment about ranking. It doesnt bulk if you are bulk one, If you dont accept what the company wants - he will leave. All Seek Engines LOVE text. abnormally superior text. But, dont archetype argument - you ability get punished for that. Google treats text-copying absolutely harder - so watch out.

9. Bounces. Google Can Actuate if a company visits a webpage by analytic it, and again anon afterwards entering - leave it. So dont try to rank in the amiss keywords. If you accept a website about dogs - you dont charge to be bulk one if humans seek for “horses”. This can acutely affect your Google position.

10. UnKnown. No one apperceive what is all Seek Engines factors. Never assurance anyone who promises to accomplish abiding you will be bulk one. The aforementioned bulk of money you pay - anybody abroad can pay.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adsense & Paypal

A lot of AdSense Publishers are asking for AdSense payments using PayPal but it is currently not possible to do so. Currently, AdSense do not allow payments through PayPal. Hopefully in years to come, AdSense will add PayPal feature to AdSense Account and enable AdSense Pulishers to sent money to their PayPal Account.

Personal Opinions About AdSense Payment Through PayPal:

  • I prefer payment in checks. Since I don't have a PayPal account and I don't have access to cash out money in PayPal, so I don't prefer using PayPal to get AdSense Payments

  • Security Threats. There are a lot of phishing websites of PayPal on the internet. If accidentally go to these sites, all the payments will be gone.

  • I like to get the check because I want to show it to my family and friends

  • I like to hold the check

If you like want to get your AdSense Payments using PayPal, you can suggest this new feature to Google AdSense Team at:Suggest A New Feature

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About Paypal

PayPal is an online money transaction site. It lets users to alteration money, accept money, acclaim cards and so on. PayPal aswell accredit users to buy things online and accomplish transaction through their PayPal Account. You can buy things application your PayPal Account at eBay. It is simple, fast and secure.
PayPal has Secure Transaction. So, you don't need to worry to transfer your money online.
**Unluckily, AdSense do not allow transaction using PayPal service.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Template:3 Coloumns Gradient Blue

Today, I re-edited my Gradient Blue Template. I found that the previous version of Gradient Blue Template are having a lot of bugs and problems. So, this version is an upgraded version of the previous Gradient Blue template. If you would like to know more about this template, please read on.

Gradient Blue Specification:

  • 3 Columns

  • 1 navigation bar

  • Black, Blue and Grey

  • XML template

  • Free for All

Download Gradient Blue Template Here...

**Please open the "Installing Navigation Bar" text file in the zip file to learn how to implement the navigation bar on Gradient Blue template.

I have decided to create a series of templates for free and you can download it for free from this blog. All the templates will be placed under the new section called "Blogger's Templates Series". I hope you will like it

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to add Statcounter To Your Blog

Knowing how abounding visitors and page angle your blog has per day is important. I anticipate that it is actual important to analysis whether your blog is getting beheld by added humans or not. So, if your blog do not accept a carbon counter, you will never apperceive how abounding humans are annual your blog.So, abacus a carbon adverse to your blog can advice you a lot. You can apperceive area your readers comes from, how abounding humans are examination your blog, how abounding page angle your blog get per day and so on. I am accepting a carbon adverse at the lower allotment of appropriate sidebar. I am application ShinyStat and it is free.If you wish to add a carbon adverse to your blog, you ability be absorbed to apprehend the blow of this post. I will appearance you step-by-step to add a statcounter to your blog.There are several carbon adverse annual accessible online. A lot of of them are chargeless service. I would not annual all of them actuality because it would be a actual continued list. So, I alone annual down the 5 abundant and chargeless carbon adverse casework as below:






Personally, I like ShinyStat because it is a actual acceptable carbon counter. It has a lot of appearance such as assuming cartage blueprint of your blog, assuming which countries your readers appear from, what sites are bond your blog, what operating arrangement your readers are application and so on.Before you can add a statcounter to your blog, you will charge to assurance up for the statcounter casework I mentioned aloft or if you do not like the casework I recommend, you can try to acquisition for added options application Google Search.After you accept active up for the service, you charge to chase all the accomplish of the annual to bureaucracy your statcounter. Then, the a lot of important allotment is to get the HTML cipher of the statcounter you accept bureaucracy in the service.

Step-by-Step Guides to Abode Statcounter on Your Blog:

1. Login to you account.

2. Go to "Layout">>"Add a Gadget">>"HTML/JavaScript".

3. Then, adhesive all the HTML cipher of your statcounter in "HTML/JavaScript".

4. Save.After saving, you ability wish to move the "Gadget" on the blueprint around. Then, save it if you accept abode the "Gadget" at your adopted place.Now, the statcounter will alpha recording down the cartage on your site. You will be able to apperceive how abounding humans are examination your blog and so on.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

24 Source of Free Blogger Blogspot Template

I understand that a lot of bloggers using are having hard time to find templates that suit their need.

I am finding it hard to search for good blogger's templates too.So, I decided to search for all the sites that offer free blogspot templates for all bloggers. Check out the list and I think you would find them useful.

The list of 24 Blogger's Templates Sites:

It is 24 sites in total. Some of the sites have more than 100 templates. So, take your time and browse through these 24 blogger templates sites to find your favorite templates. Enjoy and have fun.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Free Template:3 Colomns The Red Template

I am quite happy that I have successfully created a new template to my Blogger's Template Series. I named the newly created template "The Red Template". The new template is not whole red but some parts of the template are red in color. I tried my best to choose the best red color and I am sure that the red color I have chosen will not hurt your eyes.So, if you are interested to get "The Red Template", please proceed to the later part of this post. You can download it and install it to your blog.

The Red Template Specifications:
3 Columns
1 navigation bar
Dark Red, Pinkish Red, Grey and white XML template

Free for All.
Download Gradient Blue Template Here...**
Please open the "Installing Navigation Bar" text file in the zip file to learn how to implement the navigation bar on Gradient Blue template.If you encounter any problem installing or downloading the template, please do not hesitate to inform me. I hope that this new template will be a nice template for all.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free Tamplate:New Pinkey Girl Template

I created addition new arrangement for my Blogger's Arrangement Series and I alleged it New Pinky Girl Template. This arrangement is mainly blush in color. I wish to use blush blush because I apperceive that a lot of girls like blush blush actual much.

So, this adjustment is bloom in color.So, if you are absorbed to get "New Pinky Girl Template", amuse advance to the after allotment of this post. You can download it and install it to your blog.This arrangement is a simple template. I do not accomplish it into a 3 columns arrangement because I wish to accomplish it actual simple and clean. So, it is a simple 2 columns template.

The Red Arrangement Specifications:

2 Columns

Dark Red, Pinkish Red, Grey and white

XML template

Free for All

.Download New Pinky Girl Template Here...
If you encounter any problem installing or downloading the template, please do not hesitate to inform me. I hope that this new template will be a nice template for all.