Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paid Surveys - How Much Do They Really Pay?

You apprehend a lot about how simple it is to accomplish money on the internet, and there are abounding sites claiming that you can get affluent by demography paid surveys, testing articles and accomplishing focus groups. While there are some abundant opportunities, it is important to acquire the accuracy about paid surveys and how abundant you can absolutely earn.

1. Focus Groups - I am starting actuality because this ends up accepting the better disappointment for humans who absolutely allegation to acquire added cash. All over the place, you see advertisements claiming you can accomplish up to $175/hour accomplishing focus groups, and how simple it would be to accomplish absurd assets accomplishing a few of these every week. It is accurate that focus groups pay abundant money, and they do exist, but it is a complete artifact of assets abeyant if you are led to acquire you can do several of these a week. The accuracy is, you may never authorize for a focus group, or you may authorize for several in a year's time-- but the opportunities are not consistent. The absoluteness is that they are about few and far between. Focus accumulation assets should be advised a benefit befalling and annihilation more.

2. Artefact Testing - One of the things I adulation about demography surveys and accepting a affiliate of analysis panels is accepting chargeless stuff. It is about like accepting paid alert if they forward something to your aperture to analysis out and again pay you to accord your assessment on it. Since usually they forward you something you would commonly buy anyway, you save the money you would acquire spent to buy it, and sometimes it is a actual cogent savings. Where you acquire to be careful, however, is if you accretion yourself complex with the artefact testing "survey opportunities" that acquire you accord your acclaim agenda amount up first. These artefact balloon opportunities acquire you yield a chargeless trial, or sometimes allegation a artefact accretion fee. They can be actual lucrative, but you acquire to bethink to consistently apprehend the agreement and altitude so you are able to abolish if you do not like the product. If you do not accumulate the agreement and altitude and chase them exactly, you will accretion yourself paying added than you are accepting back. Accurate artefact testing opportunities never allegation you to analysis their products.

3. Surveys - Simple, approved surveys pay. They can pay as little as fifty cents (I do not do abounding of those), or up to $75. The basal band is, if you annals for assorted analysis panels, you will accretion a acceptable amount of analysis offers bushing your inbox. The boilerplate analysis will yield you about 15 account and will pay amid $2-$8. Even if you do the cheaper surveys, it all adds up fast. If I acquire some added time I do the fifty cent ones too, artlessly because I adore them -- but you can acquire which surveys you wish to acquire and participate in. Most analysis companies acquire minimums you acquire to ability afore you can banknote out, and they pay you with either a analysis or through paypal. There are a few panels that alone action sweepstakes entries or acquire you aggregate credibility to barter for products, it is all in what you wish to do with your time and how advantageous you are at the sweepstakes.

Note: Even if you are not that absorbed in the analysis companies that absorb mostly sweepstakes entries or credibility for prizes, it is astute not to aphorism them out entirely.... sometimes the actual analysis panels you anticipate you may not wish to be registered with forward abundant articles to test, too. It is best to annals for as abounding companies accessible and clarify out your choices from there.

Knowing what to apprehend from the paid surveys helps you to acquire cautiously and abstain accidental disappointment. If you accumulate your assets abeyant in perspective, you can adore the added money you acquire and apperceive how abundant you realistically accomplish anniversary month. Accepting complex with analysis panels are a abundant way to acquire added money from home.

If you would like to acquire some added cash, you can get your Chargeless Paid Surveys List and adulatory exploited e-courses, by clicking here.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paid Research Surveys - Get My Top 4 Review Survey Sites

We would all like to accomplish some added cash, whether it be for a anniversary or to buy new appliance for the home!

Does Paid Analysis Surveys absolutely work? The Acknowledgment is Yes as continued as you chase some basal accomplish and set yourself up correctly.

The aboriginal affair you wish to abstain is searching for companies who wish you to assurance up with them to advertise you online directories. The best way to go advanced is to go absolute to Paid Analysis analysis websites and beneath no affairs pay a account fee for signing up with these companies, you will acquisition acceptable companies out there who will alone ask for a one time fee because the analysis you are accomplishing for them is not just you but bags of humans all accomplishing the aforementioned affair for the aforementioned Analysis Company, and you will accept admission to Paid Analysis Surveys for as continued as you want.

So lets say you acquisition your aggregation and you wish to assurance up with them, again whats next? A lot of humans abort in there plight to accomplish money in paid analysis surveys because they haven't anticipation about planning.

Why are you account this appropriate now? Because you wish to attending at added means of authoritative added cash.

There is a simple way of ambience yourself up to yield paid Analysis Surveys and win at it, Set your targets! What I beggarly by targets is you may wish to accomplish some added banknote for a holiday, so that anniversary may amount you $3000 dollars or you may wish to buy some new appliance for your house.

Work out how abundant you charge to accomplish anniversary day bushing in Paid Analysis Surveys to be able to get your holiday, For archetype your anniversary is $3000 which works out you accept to acquire $8 per day, its not rocket science but you will ability your goals a lot faster and acquire added cash, you may alone accept to ample in 1 analysis analysis a day, the best is castigation whether you wish to plan allotment time or abounding time, consistently accept a ambition to plan for and chase my simple strategy, you will be afraid how little time it takes you to ability your goals.

The top 4 sites beneath are based on the reviews I accept accustomed from our feedback.


Paid surveys etc. is a abundant aggregation because of the allowances that they accommodate you with and their claimed chump support. They appearance you how to yield surveys and attending for the ones that pay the accomplished rates. You may be demography a simple simple online analysis - $5 to $75 per survey!

Participating in an online focus accumulation - $50 to $150 per hour!

Trying out new products, aggregate from shoes to stereos - Keeping the articles and accepting paid!

Previewing Movie Trailers Online - Again acknowledgment a yes/no check (did I like it) for $12.

The associates fee is a one off fee of $69 but appropriate now they are alms 50% off and they are so assured you will accomplish money they are alms 100% achievement money aback guarantee!

Get 8 Weeks to Try it Out!

Surveys 4 Checks accommodate their associates a footfall by footfall adviser how to accomplish the best after-effects to accomplish money by demography paid surveys. They appearance you how to strategically yield over 100 surveys in a ages and which programmes are the paying the best. They aswell accept a adding programme for you to use so you can plan out what it will yield to ability your targeted balance anniversary month. Surveys 4 checks aswell accept 2 analysis drive surveys for you to try out and absolute associates testimonials.

The associates is a one off fee of $49. 99 and this aswell offers a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Express Paid surveys is appropriately a abundant aggregation and on their website you can yield a sample analysis and see what you would get paid for bushing out a questionnaire.

You will accept admission to all their surveys, from demography online surveys to aggravating out the latest new products, (And bethink you get to accumulate the products).

The associates is $34. 95, this is a one off fee alone and is calmly fabricated aback in the 1st day of demography allotment in the surveys.

Depending on the time you accept you can apprehend to accomplish at atomic $20 a day

GoldenSurvey. com

Golden Surveys has over 300 adapted bazaar analysis surveys to accept from and they accept a associates breadth to advice you should you charge to ask them any questions. You will accept admission to the best paid surveys and aswell will be able to put in a time calibration to be apparent to which surveys yield the beeline time to the longest time to complete and what you will be paid.

Golden Surveys say it does not amount were you reside in the world. The all-inclusive majority of their surveys are non specific so anyone anywhere can participate in them.

The allotment fee is $39. 95 and is a one off fee only. This gives you admission to all their surveys and the associates area.ed to ask them any questions.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

6 Freelance Writing Jobs for International Writers

In the accomplished year or so, I accept appear beyond endless opportunities to accomplish money autograph on the web. It’s been a artistic and sometimes agonizing adventure for me, but it has paid off in means I would never accept imagined.

I like to allotment freelance autograph opportunities with my readers, but was afresh asked by a clairvoyant in the UK which of these sites she could address for.

I candidly had no idea. I’ve never even advised that situation. Being from the US, I had never even anticipation to analysis out which sites were accessible to all-embracing writers. Since her question, though, I accept done a little analysis to accommodate you with a few sites that writers alfresco the US can use. (and maybe we US association can apprentice a affair or two, as well)

Daily Article - Writers submit work and set their own prices per article. The buyer gets full rights to the article. You are notified whenever one of your articles is sold.
Associated Content - Most of us know about this one. Associated content pays up front for original articles, but the up front prices are pretty low. The good thing about AC is the opportunity for passive income. You get monthly bonus checks for page views.
Triond - Triond won’t make you rich, but it’s a great place to hone your writing skills and make a little passive income each month.
Review Party - Write reviews of books, music or DVDs and get paid by earning money through Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate program. You use your own adsense ID and Amazon Affiliate numbers.
Bukisa - I sent an email to the nice folks at Bukisa to find out if they allow international writers because I am really excited about the passive income potential for this site. They sent a prompt reply saying that anyone can write, regardless of country, as long as they have a PayPal account. Bukisa lets you post articles and earn money for page views. You also earn money by having people sign up using your Bukisa link and joining your network. - You can assurance up to accept two blogs through They pay $1 per column (one column per blog per day), additional you get money for page views. For November I got a payout of $50 from Consider this: if you absorb 15 annual or so autograph at anniversary day, and let the money accumulate in your PayPal account, you will accept abundant adored up for a cruise by the end of the year! You get the accept the affair of your blog, so you get to address about whatever you like.

There are a few added sites that I researched that did not accurately accompaniment that they alone took US writers. If you wish to accord those a shot, actuality they are:





Life Tips


Hope this helps you guys. I’d adulation to apprehend from some of you who are alfresco the US ¦what sites do you like to address for?

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Links to 'Get Paid to Write' Sites

If you haven’t started writing yet, you must be wondering how your articles can earn. Whenever your articles have been visited and viewed, your article generates earnings as long as you have Google AdSense or Yahoo! Ads. Different writing sites offer different types of earnings. Some writing sites offer a percentage of your earnings with Google AdSense or Yahoo! Ads. Some only give you earnings whenever your articles get a thousand page impressions.

In this article, you will be introduced to different writing sites that offer earnings for your articles. It’s really up to you to decide where you want to start writing. Remember that there are many sites that invite you to write for free, however, they never mentioned that you will be earning in case you join them. It’s okay if you just want to write, but if you somehow want to generate earnings online, then start writing for ‘get paid to write’ sites.

The following sites are all free to join and can help you generate earnings online. The links will take you straight to their sites.

Associated Content
Associated Content is a platform that enables everyone to publish their content and then distributes that content through its website and content partners.
You can write about any topic in this site. You can use any media format, text, audio, video, and images. You can also use links to other sites. If you are a U.S. citizen and a U.S. resident, you have the option of earning an upfront payment from your articles. In addition to that, you can also earn whenever your articles reach thousand page impressions. For non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. residents, your only choice of payment is performance payment. Performance payments are earned whenever your article generates thousand page impressions. For an upfront payment option, your content will be published in about a week but in less than two weeks. If you choose the performance payment option, your articles will be published in two days. This site accepts contents in English and Spanish only. This site does not accept adult content, advertisements, and offensive or defamatory contents. All submissions are reviewed by the editorial team of the site

Helium - Where Knowledge Rules
A directory of real world knowledge.
You can write about any topic in this site; journalism, politics, food recipe, song lyrics, poetry, or any topic you can think of. You are required to write 400 words minimum and 1,500 words maximum. This site accepts language in English only. They don’t allow adult content, hate content, and profanity in any articles. The downside of writing in this site is that they don’t allow you to edit or delete your articles. You can only edit your article by submitting a new one which will compete with your first article. If your second article wins by ratings, then your second article will replace your old one. It’s a lot of hard work just to edit your already published article on the site. You will earn whenever users click on ads placed with your articles. However, percentage distribution is not disclosed clearly but you will earn too every time your article generates thousand page impressions. Helium also has a marketplace where you can compete to write articles that will pay you a fixed amount for your article if it gets accepted by the publishers who will buy your work. Aside from Helium Marketplace, there are also occasional writing contests where you can earn cash and prizes.

HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, useful tips, opinions and insights with hundreds of other authors. HubPages is completely free, and you can even earn online ad revenue!
In here, your articles are called hubs. A content writer is called a hubber. And your webpages are called hubpages. It can be confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it. You can write about any topic in this site; journalism, politics, food recipe, song lyrics, poetry, or any topic you can think of. You can even blog. You can’t write about adult contents and gambling. You can’t link your hubs to adult contents and gambling sites. You can use text, photos, videos, and links to demonstrate your topics. This site accepts language in English only. Earnings here are split 60/40; 60% goes to the hubber, and 40% goes to HubPages. Earnings are generated through ad clicks and every time your hub generates thousand page impressions. Aside from Google AdSense, you can also earn through Amazon, eBay, and Kontera. If you want additional earnings, and you have already written five high-quality non-promotional hubs, you can apply for the flagship hubs program. From this program, your hub can earn $25 upon completion in which it should meet strict standards.

Shvoong - Free Book Reviews, Synopses, Abstracts & Summaries
Get paid to write free book summaries, product reviews, abstracts, reports and notes. Make money online by writing about what you know.
If writing abstracts, summaries, and reviews of books, academic and study materials like thesis and dissertations, and any published materials like newspapers and magazines is your niche, you may want to write in this site. Contents in this site are in text only. You are required to write 300 words minimum and 900 words maximum. This site accepts 34 languages. You can also translate articles in this site to another language and still receive royalty payment. Also, if you want to read an article in this site but the article is written in a language you don’t understand, you “will be presented with the option of automatic translation into the following languages: English, French, German, Chinese (two dialects), Japanese, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Korean”. The automatic translation service may not be ‘high quality’ but you will be able to read the article in a language you understand. Earnings from the site are generated from the advertisements found in the site in which advertisements may be in Google AdSense or Overture. You earn 10% commission on your abstract, summary, or review. You will earn 5% commission on your translations of any article on the site. How a commission earning is generated is not clearly stated.

Triond - Publish Writing, Poetry, Music, Video & Content Online
Triond is an all-inclusive online publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality subject matter of any type, in any media format, anywhere. Becoming a Triond user is free and allows you to share you knowledge, ideas, and opinions.
You can write about any topic in this site. You can use any media format for your articles. You can write texts, show photos and videos to demonstrate your topic more clearly. You focus on your writing and they would do the online marketing for you. However, you are still required to make a little effort to increase traffic to your site. Your articles generate earnings every thousand page impressions. Or according to Triond site, “The amount you earn will depend on the number of views your articles generate and the average value of a page view for that page”. This site accepts articles written in any language. You submit your articles to them and the editorial team of this site will be the ones to publish your articles online. They publish your articles in sites that go well with your topic and language. According to Triond, “We publish content on the websites we operate, as well as on those operated by partner web publishers”. They don’t allow contents that “contain derogatory, offensive, unlawful, harmful, threatening, vulgar, profane, abusive, harassing, obscene, pornographic, defamatory or tortuous material”.


You can write about any topic in this site. Earnings are generated through Google AdSense. The admin of this site share 50% earnings to writers. But before you can start earning, you must first sign up for Google AdSense. Earnings of Google AdSense from this site are through rotation, and not the literal 50/50 split. The articles you write here are separated into two categories; Xombytes and Xomblurbs. A Xombyte can be a blog entry, an article, a review, or a fictional story with at least 150 words. A xombyte can contain links to other articles but these links should not be its main focus. You can also display images in your xombytes. A Xomblurb is Xomba’s equivalent of social bookmarking. A xomblurb contains links to your sites; this is how you are going to promote your writings. But you are just promoting yourself to the Xomba community. In xomblurb, you can use links, texts, images, and videos. This site gives occasional contests where you can earn cash and prizes.

So, there you go. You can choose where you want to join if and when you decide to write online. Some of these sites give better offer than others. But in all sites, you can write anything you want. No deadlines, no contracts, no obligations, and no pressure.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Make Money Online Source

The great advantage in blogging is we can get new friends and make money online in the same time. Great isn`t it ??? I`ve been blogging for a year and many make money online program that I already join and earn more money from it.
There are three way to make money online by affiliate program, as a publisher, or selling your own product or services. The most make money program that I love the most is as a publisher and as a publisher we can make money online by paid per click program, sell link space, sell banner space and writing article. So if you want to make money online too here are some program that I recommended
A. Paid Review Program
This make money online program require mostly google pagerank 3 and max alexa rank bellow 1 million, your blog minimum three months old and have minimum post 30. In this program you must write your opinion about other site, product or services.
Here they are :
1. Sponsoredreviews. In this program you have to make bid to get a review job, so do not make wrong bid.
2. Buyblogreviews. They allow blog with zero google page rank but it think the chance is too low to get a job if your gogle page rank is zero.
3. Bloggersreview

B. Sell link Space
1. Ask2link
2. Linkshowoff
3. Teliad.

C. Sell Space Banner
1. Blue Lithium. Own by Yahoo Inc just send e-mail describing your blog data to
2. Adgitize
3. Performancing ads
4. Adtoll
There are still more make money online program and I will post it later. Hope you make a lot of money in blogging. So happy blogging and make money online friends :)

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Make Money Online Without Blog

Not all make money online program force us to build our own blog. There are few make money online program only require us to write, just make sure your post are good enough to be publish. It is fun to know, that we do not have to build our own blog and optimize it so we can join them. If you think that this is the kind of make money online program that paid too cheap, less than 1$??? You are wrong, not this one. So here they are :

1)Bukisa. Here, you are allow to write advertising, arts, business, conditions and diseases, family, food, health, home, kids and teens, money, relationships, shopping, united states. website, in text format, slide or video. Bukisa pay according to Bukisa Index, for example if you see in Bukisa site written 3,72 it mean you will earn 3,72$ per post but you will get paid if your post reach 1000 page unique views. Interesting so go now to
2)Oboulo. Here, you will get paid 5$ per publishing post. oboulo did not require page views or else but sure they will accept your writing if they think your post is good enough according to their own value. You can get paid more if you submit your post and submit your referral code in their ambassador number box. If you like you can put my ambassador "c328ed" and you will get paid 15$ per publishing post you made. Interesting??? So go now to
3)Blogger Base. Blogger Base is a blogging networking. Here you can get free back link and more traffic by submitting your article. Beside the chance to get more back link and more traffic to your blog. Blogger Base have a weekly contest, the first winner will get 40$ and second winner get 10$. Interesting??? So go now to join