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How to Earn Money Online if You Have None

Preamble: About Me and Earning Money Online
Yes, believe it or not, as skeptical as you may be, you can earn money online. And you can start doing it without paying a cent. This hub is sort of an offshoot from my post on my personal blog about earning money online. If you read it, you will see that I am in fact not a "money making guru." I'm a 22-year old internet marketer. I have seen some success, but for the most part I am in the same struggle you are. The only difference is that I have some experience under my belt.
I see two problems facing people who haven't even started in this business. The first is that there are so many ways to earn money online! It can and will get confusing for those who don't know where to start. The other problem is that for each method of earning money online, there are dozens of other people trying to sell you something that "guarantees" you'll make bank. Usually these are e-book peddlers, and their sites usually look something like that atrocity in the upper-right corner. They have lots of highlighting, big bold red letters, and (usually) fake screenshots showing their earnings online. The motto of the e-book peddler is "overpromise and underdeliver."
I'm sick and tired of it. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to spend a single red cent until I actually started earning money online. Unfortunately, I didn't do that at first. I own a few domains, bought a couple products, and here I am, still struggling to earn some decent money online. But the damn title of this hub is how to start earning money if you don't have any. So let's get started.

The Absolute Easiest Way to Start Earning Money Online
Blogs. Blogging has exploded on the internet in the last few years. And what was once simply an online diary is now a way for developers to log their progress on new projects, companies to communicate with their employees and customers, people to discuss a variety of topics from politics to video games (and the politics of video games!), and people like you to earn money online.
Why blogging?
You have no money to pay for a domain and hosting for your website, right? You have to rely on free hosted websites. Unfortunately, if you're trying to pitch a product or run a review website and it says, "Hosted by" at the top of your page or your URL is, it doesn't look like the professional image you're trying to portray. With blogs, you don't need to keep a professional image. Blogs have this informality about them that makes them appealing to visitors. You can write like a human being. Two great free blogging services are Blogger and WordPress. Both use different blogging software. I prefer WordPress but Blogger is easier to use.
What do I blog about?
This is the most crucial part you need to work out before starting any online venture. What you need to do is select a niche to blog about. Why is this important? Because you want your blog to cover as much of one topic as possible, because you want to have a set of keywords you can use throughout your blog which will help you rank well on the search engines, and because you want to know how much competition is out there!
An example...
Let's say you want to make a blog about video games. Okay, video gaming is a niche. Let's see how much competition there is out there. I did a search on Google for "video games" (no quotes) and got about 510,000,000 results. When you build your blog, one of the highest quality sources of traffic is search engine traffic. But the keyword "video games" pulls up over half a billion websites. This is where you do some keyword research.
I use SEO Book, which utilizes Yahoo! Search Marketing's keyword tool (giving actual numbers of how many searches were made for specific keywords) and estimates the number of searches on Google and MSN Live Search. I did a search for "video games" and "computer games" (no quotes) and found some interesting information.
Over 1.7 million people searched for video games, and almost 300,000 searched for computer games in January 2007. If you scroll down, you can see other keywords which were searched for fewer times. With good search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog or website, you can get the top results for some of these keywords which are less in demand. Within some of these keywords are subniches or microniches as well. Less than 12,000 searches were made for "kid computer game" (no quotes) and even fewer for similar keywords. Maybe you could blog about computer games for children. I did a Google search for "kid computer game" (no quotes) and found 131,000,000 results. I found 29,300,000 results for "child computer game" (no quotes) and it gets less than 7000 searches a month.
See what I'm doing? I'm looking for keywords I can use and a niche I can blog about that will increase my chances of getting search engine traffic. In general, the smaller the niche, the less competition.
So at what point do I actually make money here?
The easiest thing to do is just place contextual PPC (pay-per-click) ads on your blog. Depending on content of your blog, different ads will be show, and will generate revenue when someone clicks on them. Google AdSense is the most popular PPC service. The Yahoo! Publishing Network is another one. And there are dozens of smaller PPC services out there. These are free to sign up for, but be careful not to confuse AdSense with AdWords and the Yahoo! Publishing Network with Yahoo! Search Marketing's Sponsored Search. These are for advertisers, not publishers. If you ever want to start using paid advertising to promote a website, then check them out. Microsoft adCenter is another PPC service for advertisers.
Another great way to earn money online is by promoting products, referring them to your sponsor, and earning a commission on sales. Where do you find products to promote? ANYWHERE. ClickBank is great if you want to sell digital products. It's easy to set up and there are thousands of products to promote. PayDotCom is another marketplace for affiliates. Commission Junction has a huge selection of products and services from major companies. Amazon runs its own affiliate program if you're interested in promoting physical products. Keep in mind that promoting physical products like those at Amazon will earn you less money per sale because of the associated costs of production, shipping, etc.
In a nutshell...

1. Bureaucracy a chargeless hosted blog that's focused on a accurate niche. Do some analysis to see how abundant antagonism there is out there and what keywords you will be frequently application in your blog. It's aswell a acceptable abstraction to blog about something that interests you back you will accept to accumulate autograph about it.

2. Write frequently, abnormally at first.

3. Abode contextual PPC ads on your blog. If you're application Blogger, go with AdSense back they're both endemic and run by Google. Google makes it actual simple to setup.

4. You can aswell bung articles on your blog as an affiliate, earning a cut of the sales you accompany to your sponsor. In my video bold example, you could analysis computer amateur for accouchement and abode associate links on your blog.

5. Promote your blog for traffic. I'll awning this in a little bit.

6. ...

7. Profit!

It's simple to get into this business, but not so simple to accomplish something out of it.

Setting up a blog is simple and free. Putting ads on your blog is simple and free. Taking that individual blog and authoritative a active out of it is difficult. You ability accept to accomplish several blogs. Maybe you chose a alcove that's too ample and too competitive. Or conceivably you chose a alcove that's so narrow, cipher cares about it. But you haven't absent any money. You didn't absorb money on a website alone to accept your activity bomb and abandoned. You didn't decay hundreds of dollars on AdWords or added paid cartage that alone austere a added aperture in your pocket.

Internet business is so simple to get into after paying a individual red cent. Hell, you can even acquire money online announcement developed agreeable with no investment, which I'll briefly altercate after on.

But don't apprehend to accomplish a thousand or even a hundred dollars in your actual aboriginal month. And it is harder to acquire money online after any budgetary investment, but not impossible

Promoting Websites and Blogs For Free

I mentioned promoting your blog a bit earlier. Once you setup your blog, nobody knows about it. A good idea is to submit it to blog directories. Some of these directories restrict the submission of newly created blogs. There are also plenty of free website directories. Many have paid listings, which generally means a faster listing and a better rank among other websites on the directory. You could also submit to search engines, but search engine spiders do a good job of eventually finding your site and listing it.
An interesting way of promoting your blog is through social bookmarking websites like Digg, Reddit,, or Netscape. It's a good idea to do this when you have something interesting to say. If your blog is about computer games for children, perhaps you could compile a list of top 10 children's computer games for the holiday season or something and review each game. The more controversial and recent the subject, the more likely your submissions will get more views and your blog will get more traffic (see: buzz marketing). You can also submit your own press releases via PRWeb.

If you common any bulletin boards or forums, abode a hotlink to your blog in your signature. Just be alert of the rules because on some forums this isn't allowed. The added you accord to the appointment overall, the bigger this address works.

You can do hotlink trades with added blogs. This adjustment is usually approached anon and informally, but there are some places on the web committed to abutting webmasters and bloggers calm so they can do hotlink trades.

There are abounding added means you can advance your blog. Build Hubs or Squidoo lenses about agnate agreeable and hotlink aback to your blog. Answer questions accompanying to your blog's agreeable and cover a hotlink to your blog for added advice (i.e. "What allowance should I get my adolescent this Christmas?" and cover a hotlink to your blog column on the top 10 chidren's computer games). Be creative

When You Start Earning Money Online, Reinvest in Your Online Business

You toiled abroad at your blogs for weeks, months even. You assuredly get that aboriginal analysis from Google or ClickBank. Now what? Conceivably it would be a acceptable abstraction to get your own area and hosting. Or conceivably pay for some traffic. Using alone chargeless hosted blogs and such banned what you can do online, and there's consistently the crisis that your blogs could be pulled.

Once you acquire that money, I'd awful acclaim you reinvest it into your online business. Because that's what it is: a business. And you should amusement it as such. Reinvest in it so you can accomplish it grow.

Shoot for Long-Term Profits, Not Short-Term Tricks

If you absolutely wish to acquire money online, you accept to be in it for the continued haul. I do not advance that you hunt e-book peddlers affairs you the latest "trick" to accomplish you huge profits. There is no gimmick to authoritative abiding online income.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Make a Billion Dollars:Simple Secrets

Forget aggregate you had apprehend elsewhere. Forget all the things you accept heard and apparent elsewhere. I will appearance you a way to get all the money you charge in the world. Yes, if you can dream how abundant money do you want, you can get it. Start with a beginning mind. Why some humans ache for continued hours in the workplaces and acquire actual little? Why their administration arena golf, bistro lunches in the business chic flights, fishing on a mid-weekday acquire a affluence spending few hours a ages in the office?

There's something awe-inspiring traveling on this world. In this world, 90% of us are fabricated to accept that we accept to plan 5 canicule (or 7 days) a anniversary to acquire our money. Not alone that, we were told that we should not stop alive until our retirement age (which is 48 or 56) and pay taxes every ages (Govt. may accord a allocation of your taxes as the retirement allowances if you are alive!). Yes, 90% of those humans accord to "working classes".

In the aforementioned world, the added 10% accept that authoritative money is actual easy. As simple as acquirements to drive a bike. You would abatement down a brace of times (5 or 6 times if you are a hard-learner like me), but eventually you will adept the art of authoritative money. This 10% humans accept that added humans are hard-working, acute and will plan for them if they pay you peanuts. They would adore the best house, best food, best car and all the best things in the apple and administer things beside authoritative endless of money. This 10% of humans accord to "business classes".

We all apperceive about alive classes as a lot of of us accord there. But, these business humans - Who are they? What separates us from them? What abstruse they apperceive that you and I do not know? How could they accomplish so abundant money in so little time? Let us acquisition the answers.

We need to change our Attitude
Robert Kiyosaki's ever green classic "Rich Dad Poor Dad" said it first. At the outset, you charge to change your thinking, your attitude appear authoritative money. It is as simple as that. The difficult thing, however, is to in fact change the way you think. If you wish to change your life, all you charge to do is to change the way you think, change your behavior and values.

Imagine that you are built-in afresh and starting a beginning life. Accept that from now on, you can accomplish money by accomplishing a business, hiring others and authoritative humans plan for you.

We charge to do altered things

The next footfall to accomplish lot of money is to try altered things - added than alive for anyone else. This footfall is the toughest and a lot of advantageous as well. You charge lot of backbone to cantankerous this, and if you cantankerous this auspiciously you will be pond in lot of money. Here's the abstruse blueprint - "If you wish to accomplish lot of money, again you should acquisition out how humans are authoritative money and archetype their approach exactly". Account down the means to accomplish money and just do not anguish about if you can do or if you accept the all-important abilities or resources. Starting from the top, try every adjustment of money making. It could be affairs a stuff, alms a account or consulting.

When it works out able-bodied and gives aback some allotment for your harder work, pat yourself aback and advance things to accomplish it added profitable. If it doesn't work, again try altered methods.

If you do the aforementioned was as you accept consistently done, you would get the aforementioned aftereffect as you accept consistently gotten. So, admeasurement your feedback, appraise how abundant you are accepting aback for your efforts and again bound drag about and do altered things.

We should accumulate on trying

Here, I present a plan for accepting as abundant money as you want. Here are the four simple accomplish that can accomplish you a billionaire. Before starting to apprehend those four simple steps, set abreast few moments appropriate now to anticipate on "Why do you charge that money?". If you can anticipate of a acute purpose, your job of authoritative that money will be abundant easier. Many humans anticipate that it would be nice if they accept a actor and accept that it is not humanly accessible to accomplish a million. They are right, they can not accomplish a million. Now, let us attending at our plan for authoritative a billion dollars.

1. Visualize the Billions

Now, acquaint me how abundant you wish to acquire in the next month. Anticipate of a reasonable bulk of money (вЂ˜reasonable; charge not be low). Anticipate how abundant do you wish to earn. My reasonable money ambition will be abundant altered from the ambition that you accept on your mind. You can address down any bulk of money as continued as you accept the money and the time anatomy is possible. Let’s say, you wish $500 from online antithesis in the ages of June 2008 (or whatever specific month). Go advanced to this website to accomplish the Cheque in your name and stick it in a abode area you can see it daily. Stick the Cheque in a abode so that you will see it if you deathwatch up every morning. It is a affectionate of brainwork as declared in “The Secret” book. Just do not anguish about any added thing, see your favourite Cheque and anticipate for a moment how blessed you would be if you accept the cheque. Visualise what would you buy, area would you eat and what changes you will accomplish to your life

2. Ask for Help

Next, you charge to acquisition who has already accomplished that target. If you wish to accomplish $500 a month, acquisition out who is already authoritative $1000 or added every month. Go one footfall advanced and adapt a account of 10 or 20 bodies who are already authoritative $1000 or added every ages from online work. Ask for help, if that being is not accommodating to allotment it, move down the account and ask the next person. Some experts may ask a fee to advise you the tricks, pay them. You will consistently get aback added money. If you are bent to acquire the money at any amount (without cheating anyone, burglary anything), the Universe itself will adapt to advice you to get the money.

Believe me, the apple runs in a balance. You charge not anguish if anyone robs from you. The bandit will be beggared and the money will acknowledgment aback to you if it belongs to you. It all gets even at the end. I accept alone accomplished that I accept got some money from the abrupt places, al of a sudden - alone to apprehend that this is the way the Universe work. Nothing works by accident. So, ask you shall receive.

3. Yield Massive actions

This is the able footfall and actual simple. Act on an idea. An abstraction is no acceptable to anyone if it s not acted upon. Just do it. If you get an idea, just plan on it afterwards searching back. Go to the extremes and try altered means to accomplish the abstraction work. If you are not an expert, accompany the experts into your idea. Afterwards few years down, in your deathbed, you would a lot of acceptable to affliction for the accomplishments that you didn't take. The babe whom you didn't ask for a date, the abstraction that you never tried, the career that you angry down and those choices that would accept got a activity that you consistently capital to live.

People are consistently acquisitive for the life's best things. But, they are aswell too apathetic to yield actions. Who would pay you afore you do the work? In the aforementioned way, you charge to put down your arch and plan to accomplish what you wish to achieve. There is no added abbreviate cut. Just do it.

If something is not alive even afterwards your assorted tries, again you are blind with a amiss idea. Accept addition one and act on it. When would you apperceive it is a amiss idea? Accept to your intuition - it will say something is wrong. It will say what is the appropriate abstraction and what you can do to get moving. Alpha alert to your close voice. If you accept to your articulation and yield massive actions, there is no way your aftereffect (billion) will baffle you. No way.

4. Give back

Feel beholden for all the money you accept now. Be beholden to anybody who anon or alongside contributed. Thanks everyone. Remember the cosmos helped you to acquire the money you wanted. Give aback something to the society. Donate to a charity, augment a athirst person. Educate a adolescent and advice those charge help. It works like a charm. If you act nice to the world, the apple will act nice to you. You will abide to accept added and added abundance above your aboriginal billion.

That's all the plan (Visualize - Get Advice - Yield Accomplishments - Give Back) I capital to describe. Which way is the best way? Obviously, there are some apathetic methods and some quick methods (genuine) to accomplish money. Humans will allege from their own experience. Some will say that it is absurd to accomplish quick money on the Internet. Those humans will abide to accept the aforementioned way, and will abide to accomplish money slowly. If you are not abiding about how it all works, deathwatch up. How continued did it yield the aboriginal actor for a academy apprentice just 10 years ago - may be 4 or 5 years? Safely, a acknowledged academy apprentice would accept fabricated his aboriginal actor in say 7 years time. Things are alteration rapidly, you can say with in few months if not weeks, humans are authoritative millions. Kevin Rose of Digg fabricated his aboriginal actor abundant quicker than Microsoft's Bill Gates. Agree? Read this AOL's adventure on "How to Accomplish a Actor Afore the Age of 20" to apperceive for abiding how abounding boyish millionaires accept sprung up in the contempo months.

There are methods in which you accept to plan your ass off to get few pennies, there are some methods which are bigger as you charge to advantage a few things to get the money abounding it. You can get humans alive for you, if you accept a acceptable idea. For example, if you accept Money authoritative with commodity writing, you charge to address all the online writing and delay for anyone to pay (either the client or the advertiser). What if you could alpha a account like "Hub pages" area millions of writers will plan for you and pay you a commission? Or how about starting a amusing networking website such as "Facebook" and make millions later with all of your personal information. Of course, you could little help from an e-course such as ‘Become the next Billionaire' by visiting You will learn more such money making methods, what works, what doesn't work and which are the best methods and more. You need to pay less than $100 as a fee to learn the tricks. If you are not happy with the learnign materials, you can get your cashback, nothing to lose. Or you could turn down the offer and work your way to top leisurely. You (only YOU) have the power to make your life by making the right choices.

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How to set up Google Adsense with Hubpages and Earn Plenty with Adsense?

Google Adsense ( is contextual argument advertisements from Google that appearance accordant ads based on a website's content. So, if you are active a blog on Gardening, Google Adsense will browse your page and appearance accordant ads beside based on the ambience of the webpage. The advantage for the readers would be that if a clairvoyant who is absorbed in Gardening is account your blog page, he ability get some advertisement tailored to Gardening.

Google Ads will accompaniment your agreeable and will not abase your agreeable on a lot of occasions. Google Ads is the amount 1 contextual ad bureau in the world, and arguably owns over 75% of the market. That means, no amount what you address about, there are some accordant ads which will arise on your site.

At Hubpages, you can address online autograph that are accurately addressed to a botheration or need, so if your hubpages is published, Google Ads will arise beside your content. You charge to be added specific about what you are autograph about, thats why keywords are important. For instance, if you are autograph about 'How to bulb and breeding a Rose plant', again your commodity should accommodate the keyword "Rose plant" or "Garden" at atomic 6 or 7 times, so Google Ad engine will recognise that the commodity is about "Rose plant" and it appearance some advertisements accompanying to "Rose plant"

How do you set up Adsense with Hubpages?
Hubpages show relevant Google Ads on your articles and when a reader clicks on the ads, you get money. You can sign up for a free account with Google Adsense, if you do not a have account already. You need to get approved by Google to start making money with Google Adsense. One of the catch is that they would ask you where ( on which web site or blog) do you want to show your ads. You may specify your hubpages (, but the best thing is to set up a free blog at Google's Blogger ( and post few articles (short ones will do) for few days.
Then when you apply for Adsense, provide the address of the blog that you have created (it will look like this http://************ Within two or three days, you will get an "Accepted" email from Google. If not, you can't do anything but wait. If you are not accepted into Google Adsense, then you might have provided them some wrong information or incomplete application.
If you are accepted to Google Adsense, when you login with your username and password, you should see the "Publisher Id" on the top-right corner of the screen. It will typically start with "pub-" and followed by a 16 digit number. This is the id that you will use to fill in the Hubpages affiliate settings page.

Once you get permission from Google for showing Advertisements on a blog, you can use the Adsense code for any other blog that you may start in the future. You need not re-apply every time for a new website. So, you will have one Google Adsense account
Once you get your Adsense account, you need to copy the "Adsense for content" publisher id (starts with "ca-pub-" followed by a bunch of numbers) from Google Adsense My Account page, and paste it into your Hubpage affiliate settings form.
Google Adsense ads will be automatically managed by Hubpages and you need not worry about inserting the adsense code. Hubpages selects the colour, format for you and shows the most earning ads for you. If you want to use Google Ads on other blogs, you need to copy the code from Adsense Setup page when you are logged into your Google Adsense account. But, with this option, you can specify what size and colors that your Google Ads should appear.
You will get money whenever someone clicks the ads on your page, you will get 70% of the earnings (30% goes to hubpages). You can check your earnings by logging into Google Adsense account. If you have Adsense running on other blogs and websites, you can add a 'url-channel' with to track the hubpages earnings only.

5 Tips for earning more with Google Adsense

5. Google Adsense loves texts. Publish added superior online writing with lot of texts in it, you are affirmed to acquire money with Adsense.

4. Specify your keyword a amount of times (do not being with keywords, again Adsense will allocate your commodity as spam). Reasonably, able-bodied targeted keywords shoula arise through out the commodity in an compatible manner.

3. If you wish to acquire money with it, your hubs charge traffic. Plenty of traffic. How do you accompany in added people? By announcement your hubpages on MySpace, Facebook,, Digg and Stumble Upon.

2. Provide a addictive appellation to allure animal beings. Because, alone humans bang Ads so, address stunning, addictive headlines.

1. Tags are the little words application which you call your hub article. Tags are everything, so call your hub with lot of accordant tags. Look at the added able hubbers to apprentice how they use tags

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

5 Little Known Things about Making Money with Adsense

Millions of web pages and blogs are monetized with Google Adsense program. However, alone 10% acquire money essentially to ability the beginning of $100 a month. Google Adsense is a abundant way to monetize your web page or blog, because you don't charge to do annihilation at all - added than 'copying and pasting the adsense code'. Every user wants to acquire at atomic $100 a ages from Adsense, which is the beginning of Google's paycheck. Alone if you apperceive few things about Adsense, you will acquire money from it.

Here's a account of 5 things about Making Money with Adsense that you apparently were not acquainted of. Make use of these tips and acquire added money with Adsense on your blogs.

1. No clicks = Poor Rating:

Tired of seeing low ante for clicks? Sometimes, you will even get $0.01 per bang which is actual poor. This agency Google Adsense has rated your website as "POOR" beneath accustomed and aggregate with 'scrap sites'. So, no amount whatever abundant agreeable you write, you will not acquire money from the site. If your adsense ads are not clicked in a website or a blog page, again anon abolish the 'adsense code'. Add your 'adsense code' alone if you are assured about humans will bang on it. Sometimes, allotment such a alcove (content type) is the key. For instance, humans tend to bang ads on analysis sites, technology sites and download sites.

2. Melancholia Rate Hikes:

This is addition gold mine, the ad ante change based on the seasons/holidays. If a Christmas division is nearby, again advertisers will pay added to get the top bids, because of the bound competition. So, you may even get as big as $100 per bang (Trust me). How can you yield advantage of it? Address melancholia blog posts (or hub pages) and broadcast them. If Easter holidays are about the corner, again broadcast something accompanying to Easter. You will get acceptable ante for anniversary click.

3. Apperceive who will click:

Here's a accuracy - "No one wants to bang Adsense ads". Humans are acceptable acclimated to the 'Ad blindness', they avoid seeing annihilation that looks like Ads. But, again who will bang them? Humans who are analytic for something. Or humans who don't apperceive abundant about 'Adsense Ads' or 'Contextual Ads'. How do you acquisition them? You already apperceive them - humans whom are active with , your ancestors and relatives. Ask them to appointment your hub pages or blogs, don't acknowledgment annihilation about ads.

Run a classified ad in your bounded newspaper, the humans who appointment afterwards annual such offline ads see the ads as allotment of content, so, they are added acceptable to bang on ads.

4. Where is your ads?

Placement of your adsense ads is the key to get added clicks. You accept to abode it in the average of the screen. Don't be shy or abashed to abode your ads appropriate in the centre. You charge to use the aforementioned colour arrangement to bout your website / blog's architecture scheme. Users should not annal aloft or beneath to see your ads. The ads should be appropriate in foreground of their eyes. No alibi if you accomplish aberration on this tip.

Unfortunately, some adsense acquirement administration sites such as Hubpages do not acquiesce you to accept the ascendancy on the colour arrangement or placement, but do this if you accept a blog or website.

5. Body a reputation:

Believe it or not, every Google Adsense annual has a acceptability factor. So, do not bandy your ads every website or blog page you create. Instead, advance one acceptable superior page and body a acceptability about it. Once you alpha accepting acceptable ante (at atomic $0.5) for your clicks, you can apparatus the cipher on added sites.

If you accept any doubts or questions on Adsense, ask them in the comments section. I will try to acknowledgment it. Thanks.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

How to Make $100 per day with AdSense:12 Tips for Hubbers

Making money with Google Adsense affairs is every blogger's dream. Making affluence of money every ages from Google Adsense? Not a agrarian dream, actually. If you chase my tips, you could able-bodied accomplish over $100 a day from Adsense and accept a $3000 cheque every month. See, you are already searching at me with endless and endless of suspicion. You gotta accept in you, you gotta accept in your adeptness to accomplish money afore you in fact accomplish money.

Ready to accommodate your ears? What I am traveling to acquaint are the tips that formed for me and it could plan for anyone. Yea, I am NOT accomplishing any abracadabra to accomplish money.

Meanwhile, I accept already accounting some hubs that ability advice you to accomplish money with Adsense.

Tips for Making $100 a day with Blogger

Evry bloggerdream is to acquire added with adsense earnings. But, a lot of of the adsense optimisation strategies will not plan for HubPages as you can not adapt your adsense ads. I accept to acquaint you that, hubpages with the advice of a technology alleged YieldBuild gets the best adsense ads and best amount for every click. So, you charge not do any optimisation. But, there are some tips that I learnt in the endure few months with blogger which I outline below.

The afterward tips are applicative to hubpages and these are based on my own experiences. I do not agreement you will acquire $100 a day from tomorrow, but if you consistently plan harder and one accomplished day, you will acquire added than $100 a day

1.Write a big aboriginal paragraph: Every time you address a hub, cover a minimum of 150 chat branch as the aboriginal module. This will acquiesce you HubPages to admit a average rectangle (336 by 250) adsense ads beside that paragraph. By accepting this, your visitors accept a acceptable adventitious of seeing the ads (without the charge to annal down) and best amount of ads beside your capital content.

2.Do not apathetic any images beside the aboriginal paragraph: If you wish to cover an image, admit just beneath the aboriginal paragraph. HubPages will appearance you the aboriginal angel that you accept in your hub in the Thumbnails (in the foreground page). Do not cover any bore (Links / RSS / News) beside the aboriginal paragraph.

3.Go aback and analysis your hubs: If you do not accept a aboriginal branch with images, or do not accept a big aboriginal paragraph, again alter them all. Cover a acceptable diffuse aboriginal branch in all your appear hubs.

4.Some capacity acquire added than others: The acceptable capacity with adsense are finance, home tips, adorableness and exercise tips, artefact reviews and How-To articles. So, address hubs accompanying to these topics.

5.Photo galleries do not acquire much: I accept to accomplish a acknowledgment here. Photo galleries do not acquire abundant from adsense. They accompany added cartage to my hubs and photo galleries do not allure clicks.

6.Text-rich hubs allure clicks: Address added text-rich hubs to get added superior adsense ads. Because, if you accept alone images or photo galleries, the adsense engine abash what array of agreeable that is and cover clutter ads which acquire alone few micro cents per click. So, address acceptable commodity brindled with the assertive keywords beyond the hub to acquaint the adsense engine what your hub is accompanying to.

7.Choose your appellation wisely: Before you lock up the appellation of your hub, anticipate for a while. Is the appellation anecdotic abundant to allure visitors? Because, even admitting seek engines rank your website based on the keyword, afterwards all, alone bodies apprehend them. So, accepting a addictive appellation helps to allure visitors from the seek engine after-effects page. Once you adjudge the title, seek that in a accepted seek engine and see if you charge to adapt the keywords.

Separate your continued hub into altered modules: Break your continued hub into altered argument modules. The asperous adviser is anniversary argument bore should accept a best of 250 words. In this way, you are giving added befalling to admit Google Ads in the middle.

7.Monitor your adsense earnings: Do not accept in all I say. Set up abstracted channels (you can clue upto 180 altered hubs based on their URLs) to adviser which blazon of hubs acquire added money for you. Address those affectionate of hubs added often.

8.Publicize your Bloglinks and RSS to directories: Go and seek for the directories that account websites or RSS. Add your hubpages contour page and RSS hotlink to those directories. In this way, you allure added visitors and seek engines will accord added weightage to your hubpages.Check these 55 Active RSS Directories to Help Promote Your Feeds and

9.Search engine traffic matters: The humans those appear from the seek engines are a lot of acceptable to bang on your ads. Because, they are the ones searching for some advice or product. You charge not do annihilation to allure seek engine traffic. HubPages optimize your hubpages automatically to get added seek engine traffic.

10.Tags are everything: Add at atomic 15 tags to your hubs. These are the keywords that call your hub's content. Add alone accordant and acceptable superior keywords.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sell Photos and Make Money at FeaturePics

In my antecedent column Accomplish Money with your Agenda Camera, I gave a abbreviate addition on how you can accomplish money with your agenda camera by affairs photos. In this hub, we will do a abundant analysis and abutting attending at a banal bureau called, FeaturePics that pays the photographers 70% bureau on anniversary sale. The best of all, you can set the amount for your photographs.

Before we do this, I wish to accomplish few things clear. All your images that you abide to the banal agencies on the web are acutely watermarked so, no one can abduct it off. Alone if a chump buys an image, the watermark will be removed and a top superior photo is released.

A abeyant abusage could be that anyone could buy your angel from a banal bureau and advertise it as their own. But, that is acutely a abuse of copyrights and the affiliate would be banned for a lifetime in banal bureau sites. So, feel safe with banal agencies.

Now, let us attending Featurepics closer

Getting Started with Featurepics
Joining Featurepics is easy and free. All you need to do is to visit Signup for Featurepics
You will receive a confirmation email, you need to validate it to get accepted.
Login to your account
Click on Manage Portfolio and Upload images
Describe Image(s) Set Image(s) price (ideally $1 to $5)
Define Rights Managed options if Rights Managed License is assign to Image(s)Read about licenses
Submit Image(s) for FeaturePics review
Once approved, your images will be available for customers to purchase

How to sell more photos at FeaturePics
One good way to sell more photos at featurepics is to upload only the best shots everytime.

Look at the "Top Affairs Photos" page and "Top Searches" by the buyers. You will apperceive what affectionate of images sell.

Note down the blazon of images, use your adroitness to shoot images with aforementioned theme.

Now, the valentine's day is coming. So, shoot affluence of photos in 'love theme' and accomplish use of the season.

Set a amount of $1 for aboriginal superior photo, so, it will access the amount of sales. You will acquire 70 cents from anniversary auction and calmly for 10 sale, you would accept becoming $7.

Click 'Allow Resizing' while uploading, the prices for abate images (800 by 600, 1600 by 1200) will be affected automatically.

If an angel sells in acceptable quantity, you can access the amount at anytime. In the aforementioned way, if your images don't advertise as you wanted, you can lower their prices to access sales.

Photo Sales page

Featurepics Advantages

There are some big advantages at featurepics compard to added banal agencies such as fotolia and dreamstime.

You can set your own amount for your photos.

You will get 70% of bureau on anniversary photo sale.

Minimum admeasurement for photo / angel should be beyond than 800 pixels (so, you can crop some exceptionable portions and still submit)

You can change (increase or decrease) photo prices at any time, even afterwards uploading.

Unlimited best admeasurement for book size.

You can upload up to 10 photos anniversary time from their website.

FTP uploads are accessible for aggregate uploads

Top selling photos at Featurepics

What blazon of photos are NOT accepted

Image(s) created by added humans or taken from added websites

Image(s) overextension hate

Porno Image(s)

Image(s) with any argument (names, e-mail addresses, etc.) or watermark on them

Image(s) with timestamps (Switch offthe date / time brand on your camera)

Image(s) absolute copyrighted actual (paintings, posters, advertisements, cd / book / dvd covers)

Interpolated (upsized) images.