Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Submit Article for Money

  • Do you address online writing that are at atomic 400 words, on any subject, and wish to get paid for them? Well there are several places you can abide your online writing to accomplish money off of them, and abide to accomplish money if you apperceive how to do it..

    There are several places that will pay you for your article, some are a onetime payment, and some let you abide to acquire money, and others you accept to delay until anyone wants your article, but I’m actuality to appearance you the ropes on how to accomplish money from your articles. There is a baby trick, you charge to column them in a adjustment such as some you accept to column aboriginal again column it elsewhere, and I will explain area and why as we go along.First the criteria. Your commodity accept to be at atomic 400 words, accept no spelling mistakes and accept to accept actual grammar. You can address on any subject, but the added accepted of a accountable the added you will accomplish in the continued run.

    Once you accept your commodity accessible and affidavit read, you are accessible to alpha submitting! You wish to consistently abide for transaction consideration, and you do NOT wish to accord anybody absolute rights because again you will not be able to abide it to added sites.The aboriginal abode to abide you wish to abide to, is uses copy-cat software and if they see your commodity on addition website they will not abide it even if you were the one to address it. They accept or abatement in 24 hours or so. This website will again pay you based on how accepted the commodity is. You get about 1 cent for every 10 page views. The added online writing you accept submitted the added you make. They pay threw PayPal and they will pay already a ages if you antithesis alcove at atomic 50 cents.

    Once Triod publishes your article, next is You wish to abide your commodity here, and they yield a few canicule to get aback to you. If they do abatement you they will accord you the exact affidavit as to why. They will action you a onetime transaction based on how accepted you are on the website they accept 10 levels based on page views. This one time pay ambit from $3 - $25 or more. Plus they now accept a affairs area you get paid based on page angle too! Plus you get $3 for every barometer that posts online writing up to 20 referrals a month!

    Next, you wish to abide your commodity to This website is area you abide your commodity and your amount and delay for anyone to acquirement your article, but you can accomplish some acceptable money if you yield the time to see what is affairs and all.

    Next, you wish to abide your online writing to This website pays based on page angle and the added accepted your commodity is the added you make. This website is a little different; you abide your online writing in to groups of added online writing like yours. They don’t accumulate your commodity appellation they accord it the accumulation title. Again humans rank how the online writing are, and the college your commodity is the group, the added you get paid per page view. This website aswell pays you on referrals.

    Now you wish to delay until your commodity has been accustomed on all the sites aloft and again you can abide it to the following.

    If you accept a blog you can column it on there. If not get a paying blog, like This website allows you to column things, you can accept up to 5 blogs and they pay you allotment of the commercial based on page views.

    Next column it on this website lets you column online writing or thoughts, and added associates animadversion on them. You get credibility for announcement and credibility for humans commenting. You do not get money on this website but they do let you barter in your credibility for allowance cards

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to Make Money Through Paid Blogging

  1. Payperpost - The better sponsored blogging network, Payperpost offers the greatest bulk of offers and has a active association of bloggers who abutment anniversary added through a forum. If you alone wish to assurance up for one paid blogging network, I would awful acclaim application PayPerPost aloft all the others.
  2. - SponsoredReview takes 35% agency for their casework and you will acquire annihilation from $10 to 500+ for anniversary review. Their user interface is one of the bigger ones out there and the alone check to their account is the abridgement of advertisers.
  3. - Blogitive pays all bloggers a collapsed amount of US $5 per advertiser offer, behindhand of the admeasurement or acceptance of the blog.
  4. - PayU2Blog has no absolute exchange which allows you to browse for advertiser offers and they do assume to action actual abundant like Blogsvertise in that that’ll actuate the blazon of assignments you will receive. Payment is fabricated every two weeks via Paypal.
  5. - BlogtoProfit allows you to get paid to address blog posts about anniversary sponsor’s products/websites. This aggregation doesn’t accept a user interface or dashboard and there is no exchange which allows you to aces or accept the offers you want. I’ve approved appointment some blogs to them afore but accept never gotten acknowledgment from them at all. It is accessible that they are not alive anymore

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Autosurfing Yuwie pages is illegal

For those Yuwie associates who wish to browse added Yuwie pages with an autosurfing programs or scripts, stop now.

Yuwie has adapted their Appellation of Account and advised autosurfing as cheating and not acceptable.

What is auto surfing?

It is agnate to a bang bot that does the surfing for you and you will acquire surfing credits. There is a lot of sites that action this service, acceptation the auto surfing Software is hosted by them. You just charge to become their member, login to your page and actuate the auto cream function. Once activated, the autosurf affairs will browse added associates page and in acknowledgment added associates will browse your page after anybody beat on any button.

Why Yuwie doesn't accustomed autosurfing?

Simple. Appointment by autosurfing affairs is artificial. What Yuwie wants is a accustomed cartage triggered by hand. Anyway, back Yuwie subscribed to Google Adsense, it has to accede to Google Adsense appellation of action that doesn't acquiesce automatic clicks. With apish visits generated by auto surfing program, added associates will be beggared of earning as well.How does Yuwie detects autosurfingEasy. Every visits fabricated by associates are logged. Based on the appointment log, if the visits are from autosurfing site, the area name will appearance up repeatedly. It's simple to spot. The area name itself usually accord a clue beeline abroad such as,, and so on..

Is Yuwie traveling to detected bang bot??

A bang bot meanwhile is a baby executable affairs that you install on your PC and it run from your PC and does the surfing for you. The visits fabricated by bang bot can aswell be traced. Anyway, application bang bot is aswell cheating and can get you in trouble.

so Forget about cheating using autosurfing program and click bot, try this method: Maximize your earning with Yuwie -- How to which is effective and legal to boost your earning with Yuwie.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Yuwie Earning Tips - Make Money With Yuwie

Are you apathetic of MySpace and annoyed of Friendster ? If you are, you should yield a attending at Yuwie. It doesn't amount you annihilation to participate except your time. But if you are a determined MySpace or Friendster member, there is no abuse abutting Yuwie for chargeless to aggrandize your account of friends.

Yuwie is the "Next MySpace" and it's all about authoritative money and authoritative accompany at the aforementioned time ! How air-conditioned can that be ? Yuwie pays its associates for application the site, for every activity and activities they yield on the website and for every activity consistent from antecedent actions.Before we allocution about the action, let's apply on the tips of earning added with Yuwie.

Tip #1 - Appearance added pagesYuwie is activities based.

Meaning, you accept to be actual alive in adjustment to acquire more. Your activities is abstinent by page views. Added page angle beggarly added money. As simple as that.

Tip #2 - Added actionPage appearance aswell equates to action.

Be acceptable with your action. Rate your friend, accord abbreviate comment, address message, appearance their contour and so on. On claimed basis, you can actualize a mini blog aural Yuwie, upload videos, upload photos and pictures, address absorbing bio and so on.

Tip #3 - Accomplish accompany with Yuwie's apple Don't be shy. Browse added member's contour and accomplish friend. Get to apperceive anniversary other. Bottom line, get acquainted. Browse your barometer contour and accomplish friend. Added accompany beggarly you accept bigger adventitious of added humans examination your contour and Yuwie pages. All this activities performed by your accompany and visitors will accord to your earning.

Tip #4 - Accomplish accompany from added places

Make accompany from added places like babble apartment and forums and allure them to your Yuwie page by giving them your Yuwie barometer link. They will become your referrals and accord to your earning. Accept accompany from MySpace or Friendster ? Great, allure them to your Yuwie page. After all, Yuwie, MySpace and Friendster are all a amusing networking sites BUT Yuwie pays it's members.

Tip #5 - Aggrandize your Yuwie network

Yuwie convenance barometer scheme! And clashing abounding added websites that action barometer schemes, Yuwie has no level-limit set so, theoretically, you can allure bags and even hundreds of thousand referrals, which agency every alive referrals will accession up your earning.

Tip #6 - Accomplish accompany and money on Yuwie

Don't anytime anticipate of alone authoritative money from Yuwie. Accomplish accompany as well. Good and abiding accord will advice you in your money authoritative ventures above Yuwie.

Tip #7 - Put up a presentable photo of yourself as your avatar

Don't use beastly account as your avatar. Don't use somebody abroad picture. Do not upload naked or nude photo. Put up a presentable photo of yourself at your profile. To be safe, put a animated photo. Accomplish abiding your photo is not in affronted or afflicted mood. Humans are added adequate searching at a accustomed blessed face. In addition, don't put up a cool admeasurement photo. It will eat up your company surfing bandwidth and apathetic down the display.

Tip #8 - Be accommodating with graphics

If you are application T1 courage or a cool fast broadband connection, that's fine. But some associates may accept a slower internet connection. So don't put fat cartoon all over your pages. It will apathetic down the affectation on the slower affiliation and those visitors may just accord up on your page. If you wish to be fanciful, put abate images at your accompany comments or bulletin page.

Tip #9 - Club calm and altercation together

Bring forth your accompany and accompany a club. Or actualize a new club. A club will be a accustomed abode for you and your acquaintance to stick about together. Actualize a baby altercation accumulation to advance alternation and exchanging of tips, account and views.

Tip #10 - Your absolute view

Give a absolute appearance or a absolute comments. Not a apparent crack or one-word. Humans acknowledge an honest and absolute comment.

Tip #11 - Don't allotment video or audio

People abutting Yuwie to accomplish acquaintance not searching for a home fabricated video. But if bearings warrants it, just accord the video or audio hotlink to that person.

Tip #12 - Be alternate and responsible

Reply any letters and accord aback comments or feedback. Don't leave our visitors questions unanswered. And if you accord comments, don't be rude. Be affable and encouraging.

Tip #13 - Accomplish a presentable Yuwie template

I've apparent a few out-of-place, out-of-proportion, out-of-tone Yuwie templates. Some pages will actual dim, too dark, bad contrast, big chantry and so on. The architect is absolutely abhorrent and hurts the eyes. You don't wish that to appear lest you wish to drive abroad visitor. If your templates is able-bodied liked, allotment it. If you are not accustomed with adjusting the template, use Yuwie absence arrangement instead.

Tip #14 - Advance Yuwie Constantly

Promote your Yuwie and abide the URL (Yuwie associate link) to blog or website directory. You can aswell advance your Yuwie URL hotlink in forums, cartage exchanges programs, paid to bang and paid to apprehend sites.

Tip #15 - Accept fun with Yuwie

Try all Yuwie appearance and services. Just accept fun with the site. It will accomplish you added adequate and adore the convenance of amusing networking.

Tip #16 - Hotlink aback to

Link aback to moneyhoney88 for the latest account and tips on Yuwie.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Yuwie: Make Money by Socializing

It is easy to make money online nowadays. People make money using their blog, people alpha websites to allotment ability and accomplish money from it, humans advertise being online to accomplish a living, humans alive harder as an online part-timer to accomplish money and so on.

Now we can even accomplish money application amusing website such as Facebook, Friendster and so on but I am not talking about authoritative money from Facebook and Friendster because it is hardly possible. I ascertain a amusing website area we can accomplish money just by accomplishing the aforementioned affair that we are accomplishing on Facebook and Friendster, Socializing. The website is alleged Yuwie.

Yuwie is a appropriate abstraction and it is actual different because it is a amusing website that allotment their balance with the affiliate of their site. Unlike added amusing site, we as a affiliate of Yuwie can in fact accomplish money application it by accomplishing the aforementioned affair that we are accomplishing about accustomed in Facebook such as uploading our photos, autograph a claimed diary, appointment friend's contour and so on.

How Yuwie Pays the Members?

Yuwie pays associates according to the amount of angle associates get from added people.

For example:

No. of Angle on Your Profile: 50

No. of Angle on Your Photos: 30

No. of Angle on Your Blog/Diary: 100

Total: 180 viewsBy accepting 180 views, you are in fact breeding money from your amusing network.

It is absolutely easy. The transaction per appearance is consistently alteration depending on the balance of Yuwie at the month.

Is it simple to get 180 views? I would say "Yeah!!!". It is simple to get views. The added angle we get, the added money we make.

The money authoritative befalling does not end just like that.

More Money from Yuwie:

By refering accompany to your Yuwie account, you can accomplish even added money. For every accompany you refered to Yuwie, you get a from the angle your accompany generated. Yuwie pays you until 10th akin of referrals.

This agency that the money you can accomplish is about limitless.Joining Yuwie is Free.

A lot of humans already accompany Yuwie and accomplish money from it. So, why not accord it a try. It ability be your adventitious to accomplish money fast and easy.

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