Friday, October 24, 2008

5 Tips to Shoot Better Pictures with any Digital Camera

Are you consistently accusatory about not owning an big-ticket camera to shoot abundant pictures?

Here's a 5 simple tips that you can chase to shoot abundant pictures application your simple, 4 megapixel, point and shoot camera. Apprehend on....

1. Use the Arena Modes: Do you accept a camera manual? If so, just yield that and apprehend it twice, decidedly accept the altered arena modes such

as "Portrait", "Close-up", "Landscape, "Night mode" etc. Accept if to use them and consistently accept an adapted arena approach afore you shoot pictures.

This simple tip has consistently had produced beauteous photos for me, and my accompany accept wondered how I could get such bright, brittle photos. Especially, the point and shoot cameras are abundant for cutting "Portrait" pictures (people shots), and "Close-up" pictures (flowers etc).

2. Rest your Camera: Buy a $30 tripod. It is account it. Even if you don't wish to absorb money on a tripod, whenever you wish to shoot pictures, blow the camera on a table or a esplanade bank and try cutting with Night approach (even in the daylight!).

The consistent photographs will be added brighter as the ablaze entering the camera lens would be added than usual. The images would be brittle with no grains or blurs.

3. Auto-Shoot for Night Pictures: Auto-Shoot for Night Pictures: If you wish to shoot pictures in night. Use blow on a athletic abode and use "Auto-timer" mode. Even while clicking, you may ruin the account with your action. So, use "Auto-timer" approach with 10 abnormal or whatever adjournment your camera comes up with.

Try switching off the beam as it will annihilate the harsh, lighting and abstain booze problems

4. Get Closer:

Get Closer: Abundant photographs are all about compositions. Newbies generally tend to accomplish the aberration of not accepting afterpiece to the subject. Go afterpiece to the subject. As I had already told, point and shoot cameras are abundant for cutting "close-up" shots so, use the "Macro" (the little annual attribute button) mode.

Even, if demography pictures of people, attenuated down to their face - do not abashed to cut the top of the arch (while framing). If you attending at the appearance magazines, you will see the faces are deeply circumscribed that would accord a pro look..

5. Learn Photo Editing Tips: Apprentice Photo Alteration Tips: The advantage with Agenda Cameras are that back the camera annal the ablaze reflections in a agenda file, it is actual simple to access or abatement accuracy on your computer. Many of the accustomed photographs can be abundantly bigger with few accessory adjustments in an photo alteration software such as Google Picasa. But, apprentice a acceptable photo alteration apparatus such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop and you can aftermath affecting pictures.Bonus tips:
#1: Visit Flickr and look at the amazing shots taken by people from all over the world. They would surely inspire you.
#2: If you are looking for such great photography tips and design tutorials, ways to make money online with your camera, visit Good Photographer - the best photography search engine in the world that will give all the answers that you may ever need. You can look at some of the popular photographer's portfolios, photography blogs and free video tutorials as well.

3 Tips to Make Money with a Digital Camera

Two Means of Money Authoritative on Web

I should acquaint you that there are affluence of get-rich-quick scams accessible on the web. Since I never will abatement into one, I will never annoyance any clairvoyant into one neither. I would alone address a hub page actuality alone if I am thoroughly assertive that it is a 18-carat way to accomplish money on web. This advice calm and presented actuality are absolute by me and through by my accompany who are authoritative absolute money in a genuine, acceptable way. The added aboveboard in your efforts, the added you will get rewarded.

There are fundamentally two 18-carat means to acquire money on web. They are,

1. Advertise a account or

2. Advertise a product.

If you accept to advertise a service, you will acquire alone if you work. In added words, if you stop working, you don't acquire money. Agreed?

But, if you advertise a product, you will acquire money from it even afterwards you chock-full working. Let me accomplish this clear, for instance, if you shoot some photos with your agenda camera and upload them to banal photo sites, you will acquire money whenever anyone downloads your photo. Every being who is downloading you photo from a banal photo website will accept to pay ability to you. You will acquire from your photos for your lifetime, actually.

Which one do you anticipate is a bigger way to acquire money? I adopt the additional method, because like the majority of hub page users, I try to accomplish money as a part-timer and this would be applicative to moms alive from home, dads and added adolescent lads who are aggravating to body a acquiescent assets from web.

3 Tips to Become Money with Digital Camera

If you want to be successful in selling photos, you need to do three things.

1. Enrol in Stock Photo Sites:
To make money by selling photographs, first you need to enrol in a stock photography site who will act as a agent to market and sell your photo. For example, Fotolia and Featurepics are two very well known biggest stock sites for entry level photographers like you and me. Dreamstime is another stock site that is very popular among semi-professional photographers. You can earn your photos to many stock sites at the same time, so, sign-up in at least 3 stock sites to know which one will work for you. All stock sites could work for you and you can earn money from more than one place for same photos.

2. Adept your Agenda Camera:

This is such a actual simple yet able footfall and you charge not absorb money to adept your agenda cameras. All you accept to do is to accept a brace of acceptable reads of the camera user manual, and affluence of practice. By searching at the best affairs pictures, you can analyze your skills. Try altered modes and techniques with your agenda cameras. And I will never admonish to acquirement a high-end SLR cameras at this stage, however, you can acquirement a agleam agenda SLR with your photo auction commissions if you are austere about photography.

3. Apprentice about affairs your photos:

Obviously, there are some tricks of the trade. You charge to apprentice what sells, how to advertise and area to sell. Even, I am just a abecedarian in affairs photos and had a fair success amount with it and becoming few dollars (it's consistently acceptable to acquire money). So, in the next section, I analysis an online advance that I undertook and it accomplished me affluence of acceptable tricks and tips of affairs banal photos. It is one of best investment I had fabricated so far and a acquaintance of abundance paid that advance fees from his online earnings.

Learn from the Best People
Meet Mr. Yuri Arcurs, the highest selling microstock photographer in the world. This Danish photographer (still a university student) makes $25,000 per month by selling stock photos. All his earnings are his royalty fee, so he is not selling all those photos outright. You can read Yuri Arcurs interview on Crestock
Now, if your goal is to earn at least $1000 a month (let us be conservative as you can be the next Yuri Arcurs if you want to), then you need to invest in some resources to learn few tips and tricks sincerely. Fortunately, one of my friend presented this Camera Dollars E-course as a birthday gift (value = $40) recently and I am amazed by the simple tips that they taught. These tips range from how to shoot the winning pictures, how to use the right keywords, title and description so that the photos come in top of the search engines and most importantly how to price your photos and market your photos so you can earn the desired passive income.
Some of the myths that this Camera Dollars Course cleared out from my mind are: You don't need expensive camera and top quality lenses. A simple 4 mega pixel camera will do. You don't need to be a top-notch photographer to earn money from stock photography. You don't need a 1000 photos portfolio to earn money as a stock photographer. You can start selling even 3 or 4 pictures. You don't need to work full-time. Just as a part-time hobby, in your leisure time, you can work. You don't need to hire models. Ask your friends to pose for you and give them a simple gift (a dinner perhaps) as a reward.
I can go on listing all the tricks they taught but, I would be violating their copyright if I did. All I can say it is worth the money and I can highly recommend. When you consider you are going to earn money in your spare time, you can earn that $40 investment back quickly.Enrol at the Camera Dollars Course to learn more and make a career as an amateur, freelance photographer

Friday, October 17, 2008

Make Money with Digital Camera:Fotolia Review

Getting Started with Fotolia

Fotolia is addition microstock bureau which helps you to accomplish money by affairs photographs. The advantage with fotolia is that they are analytic acceptable with accepting photographs. They do not adios abounding photographs as dreamstime or istockphoto. For beginners, Fotolia is a acceptable abode to start.

What do you charge to assurance up for Fotolia?

Nothing much. Oh, yes a chargeless annual with Paypal or Moneybookers, so that fotolia will pay your money. You charge a accurate acclaim agenda to signup for Paypal or Moneybookers.

Signup for PayPal
Signup for Moneybookers
And more importantly, Signup for Fotolia

Fotolia Homepage

Guidelines to submit Photos to Fotolia

Once you active up with fotolia, you can beeline abroad abide your images. In added banal agencies, you charge to abide 3 or 5 images for review, again alone you will be accepted.

Fotolia prefers photos with atleast 2000 x 3000 pixels.

Do not admit or upsize your images on photo alteration programs.

Do not administer any cutting (you may use it selectively).

All files should be 8 bit RGB Jpeg files with basal compression.

All agenda cameras abundance in this format, so you charge not worry.

Images with sRGB blush profiles are preferred.

If you can, do it with any photo alteration program.

If your camera allows to shoot in RAW format, again accept that and catechumen to JPEG after with photo editor.

Before you abide your photos, attending at your photos at the 1:1 zoom, in 'Actual Size'. Accomplish abiding that it doesn't accommodate babble or clay like artefacts. Apple-pie your lens with a clammy lens cleaner bolt and set your camera settings to shoot actual top superior or accomplished compression.

Signup for Fotolia

Fotolia Individual Image

What Kind of Photos Sell?
One way to find out about 'what sells most' is to visit the Fotolia High Selling Photos page and look at them.

Another way is to browse through the "Photo Requests" (Orders from customers) and shoot to ample their needs.

Some most-wanted images are from these categories:

Health and medical acreage - pictures of nurses, doctors, surgeons, medical equipments

Business accompanying photos - humans administering business, business environment, equipment, style, design, symbols, attributes ect.

People in activities - Pictures of humans accomplishing something like dancing, working, arena sports, laughing, eating, driving, building, are actual popular.

Controversial issues - accepted politics, women, gender, sexuality, crime, religion, education, family, war, race, environment, poverty, wealth.

Religious acceptance - symbols, activities, locations, actions, traditions, and food.

Technology photos - lasers, cilia optics, equipment, agenda chips, apple-pie rooms,

Different occupations - Delivery person, florist, dentist, doctor, nurse, architecture worker, plumber, electrician, machinist, pilot, photographer, teacher, banker, salesman, receptionist, policeman, judge,

Objects - accustomed or aberrant altar depicting an abstraction or allegorical of an activity. Altar like sun glasses, keys, money, adhesive notes, baseball, or engine piston. These items should be captured on apparent white or atramentous seamless backgrounds.

Close up shots - macro or abutting up shots of altar or people.

Under baptize photos - photos of underwater sea creatures, ocean topography, scuba diving, snorkeling

Add Accurate Details and Relevant Keywords

Adavantages with Fotolia

You can get 50% agency from anniversary sale.

Get paid by PayPal or MoneyBookers. No minimum payout limits.

No analysis procedure, beeline acquiescence of photos

Lenient analysis procedure. Please ensure you abide vey top superior images.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Make Money with your Digital Camera

Are you annoyed of get-rich-quick scams?

Here's a 18-carat way to accomplish money. Yes, it will NOT accomplish you affluent overnight, probably. But, with your hardwork and some able techniques that I advise here, you can body up a acquiescent income. Welcome to the apple of Banal Photography.

I apperceive what you are traveling to say, 'you dont accept a able camera'. Right, that's the aboriginal allegory I am traveling to breach here. I accept apparent abounding accustomed photographers with a simple agenda camera with 5 megapixels, 3X zoom - who are authoritative a appropriate account assets from affairs banal photographs. Here, I am traveling to advice you to accomplish money with your agenda camera. Believe in you and your agenda camera. You are traveling to accomplish money with it...

What is Banal Photography?

Look at the aloft photos. They are some of the accomplished affairs photographs and it is not difficult to shoot such pictures afterwards all. Already you accept attempt a picture, you can accomplish money from it by affairs it a 'number of times'. Yes, every time if a being purchases, you will accomplish money. That's the beautyf of banal photography.

So, what absolutely is "Stock Photography"?

"Stock photography is photography or added adumbration of accepted landmarks, objects, concepts, people, and contest that can be acclimated and reused for a array of bartering purposes. Banal photography can be searched by keyword and charcoal cataloged until purchased by a customer.""

You shoot some pictures that are of acceptable bartering amount (look at the aloft examples) and abide to banal photo agencies. A banal photo bureau combines the banal photos from abounding photographers and promotes them for sale. Media publishers (magazines, newspapers and web sites) seek such banal photo sites for images , and if they download your picture, you get paid a commission. So, you accomplish money whenever humans download a archetype of your photo. You can body a portfolio and abide to abounding banal sites at already (without accouterment absolute rights to anyone), and accomplish money.

How abundant you can earn?

It varies depending on the banal photo agencies, as they pas from 30% to 80% commission. So, for anniversary download you can accomplish from 30 cents to $1. So, at the end of a month, if 100 humans accept downloaded your photo, again you would accept fabricated $30 to $100. You can aswell advertise a photo on an "Exclusive Buyout License" for up to $300 a photo, but already you awash a photo on this condition, you apart all your rights, royalties etc.

How do you get started?
Things you need:
1. Digital Camera (minimum of 4 megapixels)
2. A Light box.
No need to spend money for it. You can make a light box with this tutorial
How to Make A Inexpensive Light Tent by Jeffrey Bail.

Create an Account and Abide Photos

To alpha affairs your photographs, you charge to accompany a micro banal agency. If you abide your application, you will be asked to abide few sample images. Your photos will be adjourned for quality.

Make abiding that you set your Camera Settings to accomplished superior (Refer to the Camera manual) and bigger account admeasurement and shoot some sample images with ablaze ablaze and finer central a photo ablaze box that you had created.

My accompany accept sugegsted that Fotolia is one of the easiest microstock agencies for new photographers to join. Fotolia offers 50% bureau to you so, you will acquire 50 cents whenever anyone downloads your banal photo. You will get an simple approval and the action is actual quick. Another acceptable website is Dreamstime which provides 30% bureau on anniversary photo sales.
My friends have sugegsted that Fotolia is one of the easiest microstock agencies for new photographers to join. Fotolia offers 50% commission to you so, you will earn 50 cents whenever someone downloads your stock photo. You will get an easy approval and the process is very quick. Another good site is Dreamstime which provides 30% commission on each photo sales.
Both these sites have tremendous traffic, high sales records, so, with a good quality stock photo portfolio of 50 images, you can earn upto $100 assuming people have downloaded 200 times.

Stock Photo Sites and Tutorials
Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos ...
ShutterPoint Stock Photography - Buy Photos, Sell Photos
Photo Stock Plus - We make selling images easy
Royalty Free Stock Photos at
iStockphoto Stock Photographer Training Manual
Selling Stock Photography
ShutterPoint Photography - Sell Photos
Stock Photo & Image Bank Crestock: Creative Stock Photos & Images
Corbis: photography, rights, motion.
Digital Stock Photography – On-line Stock Photography: Getty Images - searching free stock photos

10 Tips to Make Money with Stock Photography
1. Look at the best selling stock images Fotolia,Dreamstime, Getty Images and Corbis Images. Note down the kind of images that you can easily re-shoot and use your creativity to shoot better photos.

2. Attending which division or anniversary is advancing next? For example, just afore the Christmas Holidays, images and photos that announce Christmas / Santa / holidays / Gifts are approved over by every publisher. So, abide such images two months in advance. Now, is the best time to abide Easter images.

3. Describe your photos with accordant keywords. Again, attending at some of the acknowledged photographers on keyword suggestions.

4. Abide your images to added than one banal bureau site. In this way, you could acquire money with aforementioned photographs application altered banal agencies. Refer to the Terms and Conditions of banal agencies afore you do this.

5. Use ablaze lights, but abstain acrid shadows. If you use the ablaze box, the ablaze is diffused so you can shoot high-quality, able photos.

6. Invite your accompany and ask them to affectation for your photos. Humans photographs are the accomplished affairs banal photos. You charge a signed, no-objection affidavit from them (a archetypal release) for application those photos comemrcially. You can apprentice about archetypal absolution at fotolia.

7. Read your camera chiral and accept the altered modes to use it added effectively. Abounding able photographers use simple Point and Click cameras because, they are the best to shoot close-up , macro photos.

8. Set your camera to shoot accomplished superior and bigger admeasurement picture.

9. For every weekend, shoot at atomic 50 images and upload them to banal agencies. Always, consistently upload alone the best images.

10. Prepare for rejections. In your aboriginal days, abounding of your images may get rejections for poor quality, blur, not accepting bartering value. Prepare for it, and consistently attending at some acceptable photos.