Saturday, February 21, 2009

SEO Friendly Lists

There are a lot of people who are earning a lot from Google AdSense. What is their Secret? the only possibility is that they get a lot of TRAFFIC. One of the effective way is by Submitting your site to popular directories which have high Page Rank (PR)
I have found some good directories(PR4, PR5 or PR6). Best of all they offer FREE service.

Add New Link
Big Guide
Higher Engine Position
Info Listing
Links Traffic
Network Room
Plenty of Links

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Submit Site/Blog To Search Engines Directory Easily

Some sites are getting a lot of traffic from different search engines. Recently, the Popular Search Engines are Google, MSN, Yahoo and Alta Vista.

You can also get your site/blog a place in their directory.

Submit to Google:

Submit to Yahoo:

Submit to MSN:

Submit to AltaVista:
This will make your site/blog appear in more search engines and your site/blog might get some traffic from them

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Increase traffic using "Ping"

By using Ping, you are actually informing major server that you have updated your site/blog. Thus, Pinging your site/blog can help you increase your site traffic
Below is a list of pinging services avaiable
>>>Pingoat offer pinging to plenty of server. Using pingoat can help you ping a lot of server in a few seconds only. The disadvantage is that you are allow to ping the same address only once per day
>>>Ping-o-matic offer good pinging service. You can Bookmark the result page of the ping and when you want to ping when you update your site. Just click the Bookmark address and it will ping automatically. No Need to re-type yur site address and site name again.
>>>King Ping is another good pinging service. It also ping a lot of server at just a few second.
>>>iPING is very easy to use and fast.
>>>Ping Feedburner can notify Feedburner about your updated feed.


Allow French Blog Pinging only

Others pinging services:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SponseredReviews:Blogger Make Money,Advertiser Gets Reviews

SponsoredReviews is another addition to the "The Great List of Paid To Post Programs". A ponsoredReviews is another paid to post service available to all Bloggers to make money and advertisers to sell reviews to get buzz for their products and websites.

I accompany SponsoredReviews today and I accept submitted 3 of my blogs to SponsoredReviews. SponsoredReviews allows Bloggers to accomplish money by commutual tasks and opportunities by autograph reviews on their blogs for the tasks and opportunities they received. SponsoredReviews is a abundant website to accomplish money according to some of my accompany and they accept accustomed several tasks that advice them accomplish some money fast and easily.

All my blogs are currently in the awaiting process. I achievement to get approval anon and again I can accept tasks and accomplish money

So, for the moment, you can aswell appointment the website to accept a attending and you can try it out too.