Monday, June 15, 2009

Elements of a Great Domain Name

Consider this commodity to be a quick album in what makes a acceptable domain. Actuality are the account of guidelines that I chase if award my own names:

Less Than 15 characters. Some names are just too long. Something like TheBestHomeTeethProducts is terrible. TeethProducts is acutely abundant easier to remember. But of course, the beneath it is, the added acceptable that it has already been taken by anyone else. Now, if you acquisition an alarming name that is 16 characters, that’s accomplished if you anticipate it works. Use your own judgement here. This absolute does not cover the .com.

Use Your Keyword. I will get into the affidavit for this in approaching lessons, but your affair should consistently be included in the area name. If you body a website about knitting, ALWAYS use affiliate or knitting in the area name if you can.

Make it Memorable. There is annihilation worse that accepting a company who loves your site, leaves, and wants to appear aback tomorrow... but they can’t bethink area to acquisition you. If you accomplish your name too obscure, or too general, humans will accept a harder time remembering. Try to accord visitors something to latch on to.

Descriptive Works Best. It is important not to devious too far from your topic. While abounding acknowledged sites (like Amazon) use names that accept annihilation to do with their topic, a website like StatCounter acutely describes what it does just by account the area name. It counts the stats for your website. If possible, try to accept a name that describes itself.

Get Creative. Sometimes this takes creativity, but one of my tricks is to use the keyword additional something different or descriptive. This doesn’t breach the aloft rules and it adds some character. Like CircleDebt, BusinessGears, LoanSniper. Those are all absolute names I accept acclimated in the past. Maybe KnittingAlley, whatever. They are visual, anecdotic and interesting. Often, these names are added readily available, too.

Other than that, accept fun advancing up with artistic ideas. Take a minute now on a section of cardboard to begin what ability plan for your topic. Address out some words, names, thoughts, whatever, even if they assume crazy, address aggregate down that comes to mind.

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